Client configuration (CLI)

The terality Python package comes with a command line interface (CLI) that you can use to configure the Terality client on your machine.

You can run it by typing terality in your shell (not in a Python interpreter).

If you installed the Terality Python package in a virtual environment, you must activate this virtual environment before running the terality CLI.

If you encounter the error: terality: command not found, try using the alias python -m terality instead. For instance, replace terality account create with python -m terality account create.


To get a list of the available commands, run:

$ terality --help

Currently, this CLI only exposes features related to account management.


Account management: get a list of available commands

$ terality account --help

Configure your laptop with your Terality credentials

$ terality account configure

Display the current Terality account configuration

$ terality account info

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