Next steps

If you're familiar with pandas syntax, you can start using Terality immediately.

In the tutorial, to highlight the difference between pandas and Terality, we used:

import pandas as pd
import terality as te

In practice, is up to your personal choice if you want to import terality as te or as pd

In case you have a script already written in pandas, with the top line being import pandas as pd, you could just change this line to import terality as pd and since terality has the same API as pandas, it will work just by having changed this one line.

User Guide

If you want to learn more about how Terality works, the few differences with Pandas or the best practices to get the most out of Terality, you can have a look at the User Guide.

pageUser guide

API documentation

Terality is compatible with the pandas API, documented here:

You can also take one of your existing scripts that uses pandas, and replace the line import pandas as pd


import terality as pd


If you have any question, or encounter any issue, you can send an email to or use the live chat on our website. Feedback is very welcome!

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