Learn how Terality secures your data

Does Terality have access to my data?

Terality is a software-as-a-service solution. When using Terality, data is copied to the Terality infrastructure. No human at Terality will ever read your data, nor will Terality use your data in any way outside our proprietary data processing engine.
Data is deleted from the Terality infrastructure three (3) days after the Terality's client session is closed. We also delete any backup of your data we may have.
While stored on the Terality's infrastructure, your data is protected using all the industry security best practices: encryption in transit and at rest, tight access controls...

What is the Terality hosting provider?

Terality is currently hosted on Amazon Web Services, in the Frankfurt region.

How can Terality import or export data without configuration and without accessing the user cloud credentials?

When importing data from a cloud provider (e.g AWS S3 or Azure Data Lake), Terality directly copies the data from and to the cloud provider object storage service. This is done securely without ever communicating your cloud credentials to the Terality servers, and requires no special configuration from your part (so in most cases there is no need to request additional permissions from the team managing cloud access privileges).
We use different techniques depending on the cloud provider and integration:

How do you isolate users from each other?

We run all functions in a secure sandbox, bound to the user making the request. As this sandbox is not shared between users, no user can not impact other users.

I have more questions about security.

Please send an email to [email protected].
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