What is Terality?

Terality is the serverless data processing engine for engineers and data scientists. Terality enables data scientists and engineers to transform all their data at light speed, with the exact same syntax as pandas, even on terabytes of data.

With Terality, you write code that reads, processes and exports your datasets, using an API compatible with the pandas Python library.

There is no infrastructure to manage: you don't have to size cluster resources, nor deploy any piece of infrastructure. You can run your code from anywhere - for instance, from your laptop or a virtual machine in your cloud provider of choice. What's more, Terality integrates with your favorite notebooks (Jupyter, Colab, Databricks...).

The Terality infrastructure autoscales in seconds and automatically parallelizes your data processing pipelines, no matter the size of your datasets, offering massive performance boosts without any configuration from your part.

We offer an extensive free plan to get you started in a few minutes. On our paid plan, you are billed for the quantity of processed data, not processing times or memory usage.

Please note that Terality can also be self-hosted in your own AWS account. In this configuration, your data will stay in your account.

Terality is currently in beta. You may run into issues. We are more than happy to hear from you at any time to improve the service.

Check out our 1-minute demo video here on Youtube.

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