Common setup issues

Trouble getting started with Terality? This page may help. If it doesn't, don't hesitate to get in touch at!

Could not find a version that satisfies the requirement terality (from versions: none)

pip may display this error message when trying to install the Terality package on an unsupported Python version (3.6 or older).

Please ensure you are running Python 3.7 or newer. You can get your current Python version by running the following Python code:

from platform import python_version

If you are running Python 3.6 or older, please install a more recent Python version to use Terality. We suggest using pyenv to manage several Python versions.

If you need help with installing a newer Python version, our friendly support is always ready to help (email, or use the chat bubble on

Dependency issues on Google Colab

Depending on your setup, you might encounter dependency issues when installing the Terality package in the default Google Colab environment. If you see such a message, simply click the RESTART RUNTIME button at the bottom.

Authentication error

There may be several causes for an authentication error.

In most situations, this error can be fixed by:

  1. Going again through all the setup steps listed on

  2. then restarting your notebook kernel (or Python interpreter).

If that doesn't fix the issue, we'd be happy to help! Email us at or use the chat on

Possible causes for this error include:

  • Did you run terality account configure?

You need to configure the Terality client before being able to use it. Follow the quickstart guide on

  • Did you restart your Python interpreter or notebook kernel?

Sometimes, the Terality client may be using an out-of-date configuration. To be sure that your credentials are correctly loaded, restart your notebook kernel, or restart your Python interpreter.

  • Did you generate a new API key in the dashboard?

Currently, Terality only supports one API key per user. When you generate a new API key, old API keys are marked as invalid. You need to run the quickstart guide again with the new API key: follow the steps on

UnconfiguredTeralityClientError: The Terality client is not configured.

The Terality client could not find the Terality configuration and credentials on this machine.

If you don't have a Terality account yet, please follow the guide to get started with a free account:


If you already have a Terality account, you can follow the instructions at to configure the client.

bash: terality: command not found

You can see this message while trying to run the Terality CLI in a terminal (such as when running terality account create). It means that the Terality CLI is not correctly installed in your current Python environment.

First, ensure that terality is correctly installed in the current Python environment: in the same terminal, run pip install --upgrade --force-reinstall terality and retry.

If that doesn't solve the issue, check that the previous command does not output any warning looking like

WARNING: The script terality is installed in /Users/<you>/Library/Python/3.7/bin which is not on PATH.

If you see this warning, you have two solutions:

terality account configure: syntax error

In a notebook, you may get the following error when running terality account configure:

File "<ipython-input-1-01d28d6ffdce>", line 1
    terality account configure --email

SyntaxError: invalid syntax

This error is caused by forgetting the exclamation mark at the beginning of the command. To fix that, prepend an exclamation mark at the beginning of the cell:

! terality account configure --email --api-key <api key> --overwrite

When following the quickstart instructions from, be sure to use the instructions for a notebook (and not for a terminal).

Can not enter the Terality API key in a notebook

When running in a notebook the following command:

! terality account configure --email

the command will display "Your Terality API key:" then be stuck.

To fix that, add the API key to the command:

terality account configure --email --api-key <api key> --overwrite

When following the quickstart instructions from, be sure to use the instructions for a notebook (and not for a terminal).

You are using version x.y.z of the Terality client, but version a.b.c is available. Consider upgrading your version to get the latest fixes and features.

Terality frequently releases new client versions that include important fixes. We recommend always using the latest version of the client. In some cases, upgrading the client may solve an error you're encountering.

We have a how-to guide about upgrading your client version here:

pageUpgrading your client version

During installation, pip displays: "This is taking longer than usual. You might need to provide the dependency resolver with stricter constraints to reduce runtime."

This message is due to the way some versions of pip resolve dependencies, and is harmless. To make this message disappear and reduce installation times, consider upgrading your pip version:

pip install --upgrade pip

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