Support for external packages

Terality offers the possibility to use external packages compatible with pandas. Our goal is to make Terality DataFrames and Series strictly behave as their pandas counterparts, so any Python package accepting a pandas object as argument supports a Terality structure as well.

As a first step, we integrated the boxplot method from seaborn. More integrations are planned and will be available soon. This feature can be enabled using the context manager patch_seaborn_boxplot.

df = te.DataFrame(
        "weekday": np.random.randint(0, 5, size),
        "score": np.random.randint(0, 1_000, size),
with patch_seaborn_boxplot():
    import seaborn as sb
    sb.boxplot(x="weekday", y="score", data=df, showfliers=False)

If you are interested in using a specific external package with Terality structures, please contact us at so we can have more information on your use case.

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