Conversion from/to pandas

Each Terality structure provides two methods that allow you to easily convert pandas objects into terality structures and conversely.

Using from_pandas / from_ndarray methods, all the data will be retrieved in your RAM. If the object size is too important, you may run into a MemoryError.


terality.DataFrame.from_pandas(df: pandas.DataFrame) -> terality.DataFrame
terality.DataFrame.to_pandas() -> pandas.DataFrame


terality.Series.from_pandas(series: pandas.Series) -> terality.Series
terality.Series.to_pandas() -> pandas.Series


terality.Index.from_pandas(index: pandas.Index) -> terality.Index
terality.Index.to_pandas() -> pandas.Index


terality.NDArray.from_ndarray(ndarray: numpy.ndarray) -> terality.NDArray
terality.NDArray.to_ndarray() -> numpy.ndarray

terality.NDArray is meant to be used within pandas methods arguments, the numpy API is not supported by terality. Only 1D arrays are currently implemented.

Using these methods, you can easily make roundtrips between pandas and Terality structures with small amounts of data.

import pandas as pd
import terality as te

pdf = pd.DataFrame(range(100))
tdf = te.DataFrame.from_pandas(pdf)
pdf_round_trip = tdf.to_pandas()

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